• Apocalyptica


When they appeared in 1996, the Finnish APOCALYPTICA were the real anomaly. If not an unthinkable project, a concept somewhat unusual for the vast majority of the audience they targeted. The strangest thing is that before Eicca Toppinen, Max Lilja, Antero Manninen and Paavo Lotjonen, four young rockers and cellists with a scholarly background, no one had the brilliant idea of doing something of the sort. It is known that heavy metal and classical music have always had more in common than the normal music lovers like to admit, so... the idea of seeing four classical musicians making covers of heavy metal tunes made perfect sense. They started by playing Metallica originals and, with the debut album «Plays Metallica By Four Cellos», charmed audiences around the world with their very own interpretations of hits such as «Enter Sandman», «Master of Puppets» and «The Unforgiven». Although more than two decades have passed, the musicians extended their repertoire to material of Sepultura, Pantera and Faith No More, among others, began also to compose their own originals, changed the line-up and, in albums like «Reflections» «Worlds Collide» or «7th Symphony», began collaborations with well-respected musicians like Dave Lombardo, Til Lindemann and Joe Duplantier, from Slayer, Rammstein and Gojira, respectively. Along the way, while developing an identity far beyond the «band of covers» glorified by exoticism, they also managed to establish themselves as a mass phenomenon, rising to the sales charts and marking their presence on the stages of the great festivals. The group's latest studio record is called «Shadowmaker» and was released two years ago, but in 2017 the musicians will rediscover their roots with a tour of the 20th anniversary of «Plays Metallica By Four Cellos», which includes the VOA debut.


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