• Colosso


COLOSSO are a progressive death metal band and began to take shape, in the city of Oporto, as a solo project of Max Tomé who, from early on, determined the concept that was to be explored - intense music without stylistic borders or specific philosophies. In 2011, Max invited the French Dirk Verbeuren (formerly Scarve and Soilwork, currently in Megadeth) to record the drum parts for the «Abrasive Peace» debut, recording himself all other instruments and vocals. However, the multi-instrumentalist had already contacted Marcelo Aires, formerly Oblique Rain, who would eventually occupy the position behind the drums as a permanent element. The first line-up of the band would be complete a few months later, with André Lourenço on bass. With the chemistry between the trio growing, unfortunately the band was unable to play live at the launch of «Abrasive Peace», in March 2012; what they did was concentrate on the composition of the EP «Thallium» and during the recording process António Carvalho accepted the invitation to integrate the project on guitar. With this expanded line-up, they finally focused on concerts for much of 2013. During the following year, after the release of the double-single «Foregone Semblances», André Macedo joins the group on vocals and, before the end of the year, they began to compose the third album, which would be released with the title «Obnoxious» on September 9, 2016.


Colosso - A Noxious Reflection