• Death Angel

Death Angel

Created in 1982, when the band's founding members were still teenagers, the DEATH ANGEL is one of the brightest pearls out of the thrash metal phenomenon of the San Francisco Bay Area during its golden age. Labeled as "the prodigal boys of the movement," despite the young age at which they took their first steps, they immediately asserted themselves as a rare case of dedication to the cause. «The Ultra-Violence» debut album, released in 1987, affirmed them right away as a proposal to be seriously considered in a universe that at the time included such respected and applauded names as Testament, Exodus and Possessed. Supported in «Frolic Through The Park» and «Act III», between 1988 and 1990 they established themselves as an incredibly energetic band on stage and, against expectations, when they already had a cult around them, they decided to put their growth on standby at the turn of the 1990s. Exactly a decade of silence later, they then returned with some reunion concerts and, in 2004, officially made the much anticipated return with the applauded «The Art Of Dying». Since then they have been able to maintain a consistent course, supported by a string of releases that, despite various shifts in the line-up, prove that the quintet led by Rob Cavestany and Mark Osegueda continues to maintain the same capacity for writing furious and inventive thrash, which – supported by a very accurate technique and an apparently limitless creativity – continues to deny the most obvious and predictable concepts of the genre in which they are inserted. Thereof are great proofs «Killing Season» (2008), «Relentless Retribution» (2010), «The Dream Calls for Blood» (2013) or the most recent «The Evil Divide", 2016.


DEATH ANGEL - Hatred United / United Hate