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The Dillinger Escape Plan

Chaos. Confusion. Noise. Dissonance. Mathematics. Danger. That's what has to be said when mentioning the iconic THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, one of the most innovative and challenging heavy bands in the final stretch of the 20th century. Built of punk / hardcore fiber, adrenaline-fueled and blessed with the arrogance of very young but skilled instrumentalists, who play notes, solos and beats at the speed of light, the New Jersey quintet was from early on considered an unusual proposal with an explosive mix of post-hardcore, metal, hallucinating arrangements and rhythmic breaks more in line with free jazz than with any rock category. Although having in bands like Converge, Cave In or Botch true soulmates, they were the first to reach a wider audience thanks to a contract with Relapse and, in the wake of the launch of bombs like «Under The Running Board» and «Calculating Infinity», the underground was never the same again. At one time there was no European metropolis that did not have at least one clone of the demolishing machine formed by Ben Weinman and company. Maybe that's why, from the moment they collaborated with the chameleon Mike Patton on the EP «Irony is a Dead Scene» and welcomed Greg Puciato as permanent vocalist in «Miss Machine», they never changed their music. Albums like «Ire Works», «Option Paralysis» or «One Of Us Is The Killer» showed them exploiting all the elasticity of their sound and, among several incidents and some line-up changes, cemented them as one of the most respected Pre-MySpace generation heavy bands. Surprise surprise, in 2016 they decided to announce an end to their route, but not before launching the explosive «Dissociation» and embarking on a farewell tour around the world. Portugal, this time, will not be left out.


The Dillinger Escape Plan - Happiness Is A Smile