• Epica


Almost two decades after taking the first steps by the hand of guitarist and mentor Mark Jansen, shortly after having abandoned the also very applauded After Forever, the popularity generated by the Dutch band does not appear to be slowing down. Standing out early on, not only because they are as influenced by rock as by the symphonic trend of heavy metal, but also because of the passion that Jansen has for the epic soundtracks composed by the likes of Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer, the band - whose line-up is today complete with the charismatic and talented Simone Simons on vocals, Issac Delahaye on guitar, Coen Janssen on keyboards, Rob Van Der Loo on bass and Arien Van Weesenbeck on drums - recorded a string of irreproachable albums, from the debut «The Phantom Agony» to the most recent «The Holographic Principle», from last year, which earned them raving reviews from the press and the fans. Taking a prominent place in the sales charts of countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium and even Portugal, they are today uncontested standard-bearers of the female fronted metal phenomenon, in this case a powerful and immersive hybrid of thrash / death and heavy / power symphonic metal. An exceptional suggestion that, in a trend dominated by exuberant female vocals and orchestral sounds, has shown to know exactly how to progress and evolve by giving up clichés.


EPICA - Edge Of The Blade