• Insomnium


It is curious that, in these days, the best melodic death metal is done outside Sweden. In the case of INSOMNIUM, in Finland. Right next door, separated only by water, these Joensuu natives are today leaders and faithful representatives of a sound that during the 90s made Göteborg their most fertile soil. It was, moreover, to reach the first division of the genre that the quartet has been working very hard over the last decade. Created in the off-season, in 1997 metalheads were already living in a post-«The Jester Race», «The Gallery» and «Slaughter Of The Soul» world, the talented Finnish musicians took up the basic rules of the genre and, without any pretensions to reinventing the NWOSDM, between 2002 and 2011, made a seven-album sequel to which no fan of this kind of sound could criticize. In «The Halls Of Waiting» (2002), «Since The Day It All Came Down» (2004), «Above The Weeping World» (2006), «Across The Dark» (2011) debugged the formula and made it as solid as possible, developing an immense capacity for song-writing both powerful and melodic, both aggressive and engaging. In «Shadows Of The Dying Sun», two years ago, they finally showed themselves to the world with all the hooks in the places they should be, materializing at last all the potential they had been predicting for years. By 2016 they have released their most ambitious record ever: «Winter's Gate» is a unique 40-minute track that reveals the versatility of the four musicians and proves that, after all, even in a spectrum where everything seems to have been invented, they can still surprise.


INSOMNIUM - While We Sleep