• Killus


This explosive quartet got together a decade ago in the city of Vila-Real in Valencia, Spain, having forged a sharp attitude and a unique sound, mixed metal, industrial and gothic, throughout an exponentially growing career. Assuming as influences strong names such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Ministry, Dope or Depeche Mode, and having shared stages with groups as famous as Guns N 'Roses, Nightwish, In Flames or even Mr. Brian Warner himself, they are probably one of the most interesting proposals coming out of the Spanish soil. Equipped with a powerful sound and a striking image that turns them into a whirlwind of live electricity, they began with a trio of EPs that caused huge talk in their region and, in 2007, recorded «God Bless Us». With the first album, they garnered praise from the national and international press, with reactions that gave the starting shot to the growth that they have undergone during the last decade – they have five albums in the curriculum, with the sequence composed by «Extinction» (2009), «Never Something Was So Real» (2011), «Feel The Monster» (2013), and the most recent studio record, of 2016, entitled «Ultrazombies».


KILLUS - Feel The Monster