• Process of Guilt

Process of Guilt

Having perfected their distinctive and inimitable musical expression along a fifteen year old career, the Process Of Guilt are currently one of the main driving forces in the Portuguese underground. Delivering massive and heavy riffs backed by a punctually accurate, quasi-industrial rhythm section, the Lisbon band has a unique intensity that draws listeners from a wide range of genres and sub-genres to extreme music. Widely experienced when it comes to playing live - having shared stages with bands such as Godflesh, Cult of Luna or Napalm Death - their performances are pure displays of ferocity that do not leave anyone indifferent. With the release of their third LP «FÆMIN», in 2012, the quartet formed by Hugo Santos, Nuno David, Custódio Rato and Gonçalo Correia finally gave the well-deserved leap to international recognition - the successor album of «Erosion» and «Renounce» earned them two European tours as headliners and a coveted slot in the 2013 edition of the Roadburn festival, where they performed before a crowd totally surrendered to the monolithic sound of the national quartet. Already after the release of a split with the Swiss Rorcal two years ago, 2017 marks the return of the musicians to the LPs, with the colossal «Black Earth» capturing once again the organic and industrial vibrations already present in «FÆMIN» and developing them even more in the construction of a hypnotic beast of gigantic proportions.


Process of Guilt - Fæmin