• The Charm The Fury

The Charm The Fury

Four years after 2013, when they caught many people by surprise with the release of the debut album «A Shade Of My Former Self» through the French independent Listenable Records, the Dutch The Charm The Fury greatly increased the quality of their «game». Dominated by an aggressive sound boosted by the disdain the band members have for the calamitous state of the planet we live in the 21st century, backed by fierce intelligence and a sincere desire to free the masses of the drowsiness in which they live, the novelty «The Sick, Dumb & Happy» claims itself as a powerful statement of intent in the way it expects to bring a new breath to the world of heavy music. Themes like the singles «Down On The Ropes» or «Echoes» are based on an ultra-modern and distinctive metal formula, loaded with swinging and melody, redefining the quintet's sound in light of the growth it has undergone since 2010, when they got together to make music. Revealing an exponential growth, in 2017 The Charm The Fury are a band at the height of their powers, driven by an overwhelming passion for making music that goes straight to the jugular and which demands furious head banging from its audience. At the head of the project is the indomitable Caroline Westendorp, a lady of an ultra-dynamic vocal capacity, able to move from melodic singing to a guttural roar in a matter of seconds, which is further evidence that a female vocalist in the world of metal can be much more than just a marketing tool to satisfy the masses.


The Charm The Fury - Echoes